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7th April 2011

2:17pm: Writer's Block: Homeword bound
How would you describe your perfect home in ten words or less?

Cosy, countryside, proper fireplace, plenty of natural light and wines.
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24th February 2011

2:43pm: We interrupt this journal for an announcement...

I seem to blog more on Facebook and Twitter these days - I think it's because I just don't feel I have enough to say to make a long post, so little bite-sized ones are easier.

Anyway, things are going well, I think! My uncle is staying here a few days, though, and I am not his biggest fan (he has this habit of swooping down on dying elderly members of our family and nicking all their nice things and flogging them. He is also considerably richer than us. Probly from the nicking.). He is also very loud, very mean and generally horrid. But I'm not going to take his shit, frankly. And I'm hiding my antiques before he tries to claim them and cries unfair. (The elderly members of my family often feel the need to GIVE me some of their valuables. I don't know why that is!)
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11th February 2011

8:40pm: I wish I had a goal
I mean, I run a small business. And I work hard.

I just wish I had my own place to live in and my own purpose. I'm so fed up of living at my folks'

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6th February 2011

6:50pm: Update!
Argh, I need to update more. Right - going to do a good one later. Loads of things have happened and it's good to get these things down. I tend to Facebook everything ( feel free to add me, I don't bite. Although I do tend to whinge a fair bit - things haven't been smooth lately. But that's life, right?
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19th December 2010

4:58pm: I fail at Christmas decorating.
My family are convinced we live in a bigger house than we do. So we have a fairly big Christmas tree, which usually sits in the living room. We recently got a new television and stand, so the tree doesn't fit there.

I've been trying to fit it by removing branches and generally shoving it.

Shortly after this picture was taken, it all fell over. I forgot that if you remove all the back and side weight of something that it does that.

I give up. I don't like Christmas trees.
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9th November 2010

7:15pm: Grim
My lovely great-aunt - shes a tough old bird, but a couple of weeks ago fell and broke her arm and hip. After a spell in hospital she is put into a half-way caring house to get her prepared to go home.

The other week a doctor told her her arm wasn't set right, so that was reset. Then there was something wrong with her leg. Last week she was supposed to go home - but the doctors said to keep her in a little bit more. For the past few days she has been stiffening up and can't walk unaided. She isn't well.

For some reason, however, she was sent home this morning. Apparently they dropped her home in the ambulance, put her on the sofa with her things, and left.

She cannot walk on her own, or perform the simplest of tasks. Nevermind, eh - she has a carer four times a day.

It gets dark. No carer arrives. She wants to read one of her books, so she gets up to turn the light on, falls and breaks her hip.

She was found at around 5pm hours ago by a neighbour who was worried there was no lights on. No carer came all day. She is back in hospital now.

Any idea how to lodge a complaint or do anything about this? We are in the UK, so its NHS.

Edit: They can't operate tonight til the swelling goes down. Turns out there was to be a carer there to meet her and set her up back at home, but she didn't show. A family friend is at the house now waiting for the carer that is supposed to arrive at 6 to give my great aunt something to eat to tell her what has happened. It is 20:27 here, now. Carer has not arrived.

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26th August 2010

4:41pm: I really like photography
le photographe dans la neige

One day I will have my own place, and the house will be filled with my favourite photographs.

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22nd July 2010

5:51pm: Jobs
So I am still looking for work. I got a call today from a media company in London - a big magazine company. I was very excited - it seemed really good. They said I could go in for an interview at 10am the next day!

They emailed me the details...

It's Media Sales. Selling advertising space in a magazine by phone.

And it's 16k a year. In London.

Let me put that in perspective:
After Tax = 16k/year = £250/week
Travel from where I live to London = £60/day peak time = £300/week

I could live in London, but I'd have to share a house. And have no social life. And eat beans.

So no. No I think I will pass. Cheers.
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16th July 2010

4:41pm: I love history
I can't believe I didn't post about this!

Earlier this month, I happened to chance upon a huge festival of history in Peterborough - right in the grounds of the Cathedral. Me and my father were off to hear a talk by Terry Jones (of Python fame) about Medieval lives (I love the Medieval era, best). The talk was very dry, but on the way back I noticed this huge camp! The next day I went back...

Anglo-Saxon Camp

Loads of photos of lovely mental people in costume - from Normans, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons to Romans and TudorsCollapse )

You can see all my photos at:

Arcana, my medieval graphic novel

Share the linky love! Link to me!

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1st July 2010

4:59pm: My new web-comic
Hello everyone,

I created a comic for my final year at uni, and then turned it into a webcomic. I am going to be posting it on-line and hopefully getting a bit of exposure as an illustrator and graphic novellist in doing so - fingers crossed. Can you guys please join the comm arcana_comic and visit , please?

Pimp it hard!
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30th June 2010

11:30am: Wasps?
This morning my dad cheerfully told me he thinks there is a bees nest under our french windows - and it's been there a day or two. I asked him if he's going to pop out to get some killer, and he looked at me shocked and said we can't kill bees.

So I go off in my nightie to investigate...


I don't think those are bees...


So I murdered some. Which is the best way to find out what creature it is. Dead things don't move much, you see.


Millie, our cat, naturally approves of this death and destruction.

Personally, I think they are wasps. And, after a few laps of running round the garden flailing my arms as they chased me about, I managed to floof some wasp killer into the nest hole. Ha! Take that!


Of course, I might be a terrible bee-murderer, now. But that's something I just have to live with.

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23rd June 2010

10:35am: Jobs jobs jobs.
This week I have mostly been applying for jobs - some creative, some not. Jagex and Frontier in Cambridge would be the most ideal, as they are looking for conceptual artists and it's at the Science Park, which would be really handy to get to!

I have a friend who already works at Frontier, so hopefully he can give me some tips. It would be a fab job!

But, now I have to wait and wait for replies...

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19th June 2010

4:13pm: Finished!
I finished my commission for Filament! They seemed very pleased, and I am, too! I worked very hard on this - trying to get a rough, loose and scratchy editorial style while still looking professional and like my own work.

I hope to post photos/scans of the magazine with these in when they are published - it's all very exciting indeed!
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17th June 2010

10:18am: And then the line art
Next stage is my line art. Mm, line art.

This is a slightly revised version of a line art I did last night - removing his silly facial hair, making him look more consistent.

Next up, background!
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16th June 2010

4:09pm: Commission Sketches
First thing I do when I get a commission, or an idea for a personal project, is do looooooooooooads of sketches. Some are proper shite, some are OK. Cest la vie! *hops about like B*Witched* Does anyone remember them, or am I showing my age?

Anyway, what was I doing? Ah, yes. For Filament, I drew Many Sexy Men. Here are my sketches that I sent off. I like to do this, as they are super rough and the client can ask for loads of changes or bounce ideas off me without wasting very much time. Also it gets me going into a commission fast without leaving it to the last moment ;)

Would you like to take a look?

Sketches under hereCollapse )

Anyway, I am working on the "rough inks" now. If they look decent, ill move onto the background next :)
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12:50pm: I am an illustrator.
So, here I am. I have finished university and I am now an illustrator!

As a result, I am having a big push to update my website (, network and generally trying to find some work.

I am going to try and revive this journal, too, to show illustration updates and try to be more sociable online. I do have a Twitter - my personal locked one is ( I also have one with significantly less attacks of self-doubt and anger at my housemates messing up the bathroom and having noisy personal interactions at (

First - here is my exhibition board from my final year exhibition.

I am also working on a very fun commission for the absolutely awesome ladies' magazine with a twist, Filament! ( NSFW if you click into the .pdf previews for the nawty naked blokes. They added my personal twitter, unfortunately, so now know how mental I am, but I think I've gotten away with it.

I will post my progress of this commission either tonight or tomorrow - don't worry, it's SFW, just a bit of topless yummy bloke for one of their excellent short stories.
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5th February 2010

12:27pm: Dell is still awful.
Hey guys, my previous post on Dell can be found here:

I'll start by saying that an engineer came round, replaced the graphics card, booted it up -

And it was still broken.

The engineer left, then came back a few days later with more parts, which he installed and then everything seemed to be OK.

Cut to after Christmas, I go back to uni and the laptop starts acting strangely again. This time it just keeps switching itself off randomly and refusing to boot first time - or second time. After a while it just wouldn't boot at all.
When it first started this, I rung Dell. The support staff were their usual helpful selves - completely ignoring me when I said it's not the card or the screen, that there must be a loose wire, over heating or motherboard issue - as there were no system logs of anything failing nor was it (when it did boot) coming up with an unexpected shut-down notice.

So, over the phone we do the usual thing - I press the buttons, take out the battery, hold down buttons, tell him what I think. The guy on the phone basically ignores me and says he will send an engineer round with a new graphics card, as apparently that is my issue.

I'm getting a severe case of deja vu right now, but, hey, perhaps it is the card. What do I know about computers, eh?

The engineer comes round, whips off the case, replaces the card and is gone in 15 mins flat - without checking to see if it actually works. I go to boot it as he goes out the door - it loads right up to the desktop, then bam, switches off.

I ring Dell immediately, and they say they will ring me back. They don't, of course, and at this point I have spent a fortune on phone credit. So I decide I'll go to my parents for the weekend as they have a landline.

Cut to yesterday. I ring them up and I get the most obnoxious tech guy ever. As usual, he ignores me when I say it wont boot - so we go through the whole process of his script again. Here is an example of our conversation:

"Yes, ma'am. So when you get to the Dell screen, hold down fn and tap F8, OK?"
"It doesn't get that far, it won't boot."
"I understand that, ma'am. Turn it off and on, then when we get to Dell.."
"No, it doesn't get that far..."
"Ma'am, do it anyway."
"*cheerfully* Ok! *push* *tap tap tap tap tap tap tap*
*tap tap tap tap*
"No, it's not booting :3 *tap tap tap tap tap*"
"... You can stop now."
He'd then put me on hold for about 5-10 mins, come back and DO IT ALL AGAIN. This time with a slightly different key combination.
"So, ma'am we are going to test the screen. Turn it off, and on, and then when it gets to Dell.."
Times this by about 5, then I just finally snap and ask for a supervisor.
"I'm sorry ma'am. Is there no-one else I can talk to there?"
"Yes, ma'am D:"

I get the supervisor, and he immediately makes me stop my futile button mashing and tells me he is very sorry - that they can either send an engineer over tomorrow with a full range of new parts, or pick it up tomorrow and have it sent away to be fixed, to be back to me on Thursday at the latest. I agree that I want it properly looked at, and want it taken away tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes, and here I am waiting for someone to pick it up. I get a call...

"Hello is that findmealone? This is Dell computers we have an update on your issue."
"So we have the date for pick-up as Monday. Is that ok?"
"Nooooo. I was promised today. I have next day service on this product."
"Oh. Well it's down for Monday. Will someone be home?"
"No. It's today. To be back on Thursday."
"Oh no, that's not possible, ma'am."
"I think I'd like to speak to the supervisor I talked to yesterday who promised me the service."
"I will get him to ring you back, ma'am."

And so I am sat here waiting for the call. What do you think, guys? Am I ever going to get a working laptop?
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31st January 2010

11:01am: The Paper Princess Project
Hey hey, everyone. I've been working on my 10-week project for university, it's due in on Tuesday along with a 15 min presentation. I thought i'd post it here, too, since I never post my art here :)

From this project, I have learnt that animating is a pain in the arse.
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7th January 2010

7:31pm: You may not be aware of this...

..but I am truly one of the sexiest people on the Internet. It's true.

Anyway, life goes on. I think I've sorted a nice comics publisher here in the UK to print my comic on a short run, university starts on Tuesday and I got a little bit of cash for Christmas which I think I'll spend on Nice Food so I won't get too depressed spending the next few months drawing and redrawing comic pages and animation stills.
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17th December 2009

12:38pm: Dell is AWFUL.
Okay. Deep breath.

Hello everyone. In June of this year I bought myself a shiny new XPS laptop from Dell. It cost me all my savings, but since I'm an illustration student I needed it for all those horribly demanding programs I have to use.

It's a lovely laptop. But fast forward to yesterday. I come home for Christmas, unpack the laptop and there is Something Wrong. The screen flickers and is ghosting to the right, all complex colours are coming up as a wobbling pixellated red colour and basically it looks awful. I ring Dell customer support.

We go through the motions, him remotely connecting to the laptop and going through all the issues to see what it could be. It is decided it is the graphics card. I have Next Day Service on this laptop, so he assures me I should get a technician over the very next day to replace the graphics card. Hooray!

So he checks the stock - and there are none left. He says there is a 15 day wait for it, and I am 51st in the queue to get one. I say isn't there another type that will work. He says he will put in an order for it, anyway, so that I will get it when it arrives. Cool.

Later I ring again, as the website is not showing up that he has placed an order for a more rubbish card to be installed the next working day. Of course, it turns out he hasn't (I must admit, this is my fault - I think he must have thought I was fine for waiting for weeks for my laptop to work). They tell me that the less good card is in stock, but since it was after 4:30 at this point, they can't send someone round the next day to fix it, but have booked it for Friday and a technician will ring me with a ETA.

Fast forward to today. I get a call. It's the technician. The rubbish card is NOT IN STOCK.

So, I have to ring Dell again. I go through their terrible phone system again, getting hung up on twice. The man tells me its a big problem with Dell, there is nothing he can do as they can't get the parts and there are hundreds of customers in the same situation. I explain that this isn't helping me, can't they send over a replacement laptop for the time being and swap the hard drives. He keeps repeating that it's not possible, going round in circles and generally being patronising and saying it's a problem with the product and supplier (like this helps me).

I explain that I am in my final year of university. I can't wait weeks for a new part, I need my laptop to work and I PAID for the next day service so it would. He agrees, but keeps repeating it's a known issue. Eventually I snap and tell him I need to talk to a supervisor, and he tells me someone will ring me later.

So here I am. Any ideas on what to do, guys?
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15th October 2009

8:02am: Do you want to know the most mundane details of Rebeccas life?
Well, why not add her on Twitter!:

It's protected, and basically full of my terrible misfortunes.
For example, 15 mins ago I posted:
"My coffee cup cracked and poured boiling coffee on me this morning. Good start."

Fascinating, eh? I don't publish a feed of it on here, for obvious reasons.
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13th September 2009

3:18pm: Wish I could be so innocent..
I worry about my mum. She's got No Clue :/
Today we went to see original medieval wall paintings, in a posh area of Peterborough and there were some weird people about, and I realised it was because of the paintings and they were beggars, so told mum not to talk to them.

Mum was walking up this road with me, doing her rummaging in her bag for her car keys, Rummage rummage. This guy comes down the road in front of us, he's in weird clothes and I can see him looking at mum intently. I walk by him fast and look around and he's started talking to mum, and my mum, thick as shit, is chatting away, while he is basically itching and staring at her bag, leaning over and getting ready to grab it.

I hurry over, and this dude has two massive great scars on his face and is going on about how he's just got out of prison and how he's going into town, and I'm seeing he's just trying to distract or intimidate mum, because as soon as I get there he takes more than a step back.

He then looks at me, then back at mum asks for money, and I'm all "NO. LOVELY TO SEE YOU BYE"
While my THICK MOTHER goes "Ooh, err.. one sec" and GOES FOR HER PURSE.
I grab her and haul her away, and she's all "oh, I think I had some change..."

Course, she is surprised that a "beggar" was there. I explained he was probably a mugger, to be honest. Her reply? "But it's such a nice area!"
To which I responded "yeah, cos muggers get loads of cash from poor people, you thick woman."

At least I was there, I guess. It definitely threw him off that I turned and came back.
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2nd September 2009

2:36pm: So, I'm moving into a new place, and yesterday was the first day on the lease so I arranged a Virgin Media (cable dude) to come over and put in phone, internet and cable TV. The landlord said the last tenants had it, too, and Virgin Media confirmed this on the phone, so I thought it'd be a quick easy thing and I could head back to my mums house after (I'm a massive wimp and in our old house we were burgled twice, so I don't want to live in a city student house alone until my housemates arrive).

I make the appointment by phone, and it's sorted for between 1pm and 5pm. Yesterday we head to the house, get there for about 12:50, go "phew!" as it was a bit tight, check the doorbell works (one of those plug-in ones that's a bit deafening), and sit in the living room and front bedroom and basically chill. I unpacked a bit, but the whole time there was my brother downstairs who could hear for the door, as no TV was on, etc.

At 2:30 I get a call from the supervisor of the cable guy, telling me the guy had just been to the house and no-one answered the door. I said it wasn't possible, they guy said to check for the card through the door that they leave to say they've been. No card. The supervisor then sighs and says the guy will be right there.

Can you see where this is going?

at 16:06 (I have the logs on my phone) I rung them up, was on hold for about 20 mins before an agent told me a supervisor was going to ring the technician and ring me back in 15 mins.

No-one rung me back, so at 17:30 I rung them again and asked what was going on. Was told they'd talked to the technician and he'd be at the house for CERTAIN within 30 mins.

at 18:45 I rung them back again. This time I was on hold a lot longer, and bounced between 4 different people, each one not wanting to tell me anything. In the end I was told it would be another hour.

He finally arrived about an hour later, seemed a nice chap, but went on about needing special permission from a supervisor and it being late and being worried about drilling in the house (I thought it was all installed before?!). He left after hooking up the wrong TV downstairs "just to set that up") and promised to be back in the morning and that his manager was going to come, too, and apologise.

He was back the next morning, although without the promised manager, and did everything we asked. But when we asked where our router was for wireless internet (which is included in the cost) he said they didn't have them in stock and it would be posted with my welcome pack. But, I am being charged, of course.

I ring them up today, and told them this, and was told I'd have a manager contact me within 48 hours. I'm not confident.
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29th August 2009

10:12pm: I never notice these things.
So, I doodled a quick speed paint...

Rebecca says: (click me!)
Dano says:
oh a drawing =O!
Rebecca says:
its only a quick drawing :3
*storms off*
Dano says:
Kaos: *looks at wrist* ...what am i doing nobody's invented watches yet

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25th August 2009

8:56am: Time to treat myself
I've stayed at my parentses house and worked all summer so I can have some spare cash for Nice Things at uni. I've got myself a lovely new telly, and am going to have fibre optic broadband in the new house :)
Thing is, I never really buy things for myself like this (you should see my day-to-day clothes), so, LJ friends, what is your favourite thing to splurge on if you had the money, and can you link me to any nice things you've seen on-line (so I can buy them and gloat at you, obviously ((no I won't gloat, honest)).
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